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2020 Virtual Summer Meeting Emerging Leaders Breakout


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Emerging Leaders Breakout Session
July 22, 2020

A brief guide to long term health and happiness for young lawyers.

Lawyers tend to develop personal traits and habits that limit their capacity to appreciate a full range of emotions.  These traits and habits can combine with the demands of the profession to create depression, anxiety, substance use disorders, and a host of other stress-related problems.  This workshop will serve as an overview of how to be a great lawyer while not missing out on the wonderful experience of being human. 

Participants will learn simple ways to stay in touch with emotions so that they can enjoy being their best self with clients, colleagues, friends and family, and the greater community. 

The registration fee is $65.00 for SCDTAA members and $90.00 for attorneys of SCDTAA member firms.  The SCDTAA has applied for 1.0 hours of CLE's.