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Emerging Leaders 

In an effort to engage younger lawyers to be active in our Association and to develop them as leaders, the SCDTAA created the Emerging Leaders program in 2017.  The SCDTAA Emerging Leaders program will provide opportunities for engagement in our Association and give participants specific training to help them be successful in their law firms and professional organizations.  To achieve the designation as an “SCDTAA Emerging Leader,”  participants are required to complete the following over a two-year period:

  • Attend Trial Academy
  • Attend one other stand-alone seminar (construction, motions, Women in Law, etc) or write an article for The DefenseLine
  • Serve on one of our standing or substantive law committees
  • Complete the “Emerging Leaders” programming and breakouts at an Annual or Summer Meeting that focuses on leadership skills, emotional intelligence, marketing, client development, engaging in professional organizations, and judicial discussions.
  • Be a current member of the SCDTAA

After completing these things, participants will be designated as an “Emerging Leader” in our organization and recognized at our Annual Meeting as having achieved this designation.  Please contact SCDTAA Past President and Emerging Leaders Chair Anthony Livoti or Executive Director Aimee Hiers