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Executive Officers

The Executive Committee consists of the Immediate Past President of the SCDTAA and the four current SCDTAA Officers. Officers are the President, President-Elect, Treasurer, and Secretary. The Executive Committee members are also considered members of the Board of Directors.

Mark A. Allison (At Large)

McAngus Goudelock & Courie
55 East Camperdown Way
Greenville SC 29601

Fred W. “Trey” Suggs III (Fourth District)

Cassidy Coates & Price
PO Box 10529
Greenville, SC 29603

William “Trey” W. Watkins, Jr. (First District)

Wall Templeton & Haldrup
PO Box 1200
Charleston, SC 29401

Jay T. Thompson (At Large)

Murphy & Grantland
4406 B Forest Drive
Columbia, SC 29206

Immediate Past President
Giles M. Schanen, Jr. (Fourth District)

Maynard Nexsen
104 South Main Street; Ste. 900
Greenville, SC 29601